Fetch Health

joyful-pets-fetch-health-insuranceCongratulations on the recent adoption of your new furry family member! Now it’s time to register him or her on Fetch Health. Fetch Health provides an effortless way to maintain and share your pet’s health and medical records. When your furbaby needs to go to the vet or stay with a sitter, their updated profile on Fetch Health will keep everyone informed of their medical history.

joyful-pets-fetch-healthFetch Health will support your pet’s well-being through his or her entire life. From pre-adoption, to their first visit to the vet and beyond, Fetch Health will store all of their medical and health records in one place. An up-to-date and complete online Fetch Health profile is an essential tool, not only for emergency vet visits but for sharing with everyone who helps you care for your pet. It’s easy, personalized, and secure. And if you have pet insurance, you can even use Fetch Health to submit your insurance claims automatically!

Sign up today, for peace of mind tomorrow. Visit FetchHealth.com.