About Us

Welcome to Joyful Pets, the “all-in-one” community where pet parents (and parents-to-be!) can find up-to-date and useful information about pet adoption and pet care.

We have a two-fold mission:

  • To help you select the perfect pet from the many furry friends who are in local animal shelters or rescue facilities eagerly waiting to be adopted.
  • To provide you with everything you need to raise a happy and healthy pet, including 24/7 online veterinarian service, trainers, boarding facilities, pet sitters, day care, groomers, toy and food recommendations, pet insurance, and a library of articles from a variety of pet experts.

We are on a mission to help these sweet and loving furry friends find happy lives with pet parents who are willing to open their hearts and homes. If you’re ready to adopt a furry ball of happiness, then please click here to start your search. Be warned though; you’re signing up for an overload of cuteness, hours of fun playtime, and a lifetime of unconditional love!

If you already have a joyful pet, we invite you to join our community of pet parents at Social Petwork. We’d love to see your photos and videos, read your stories, and hear your news. Welcome to the family!